Thursday, 27 March 2014

Middle School Swimming Sports
It was Friday 28th of February 2014. It was a very sunny day and my heart was pounding with excitement. I was in C1 with my friend Alicia and it was held in the school pool. We held it because we wanted to show the parents what we have learned.

That morning I walked into my class and I was half excited, half nervous. Mrs Morris told us that we would have to get changed before morning tea but the actual swimming sports would be after morning tea.

All the girls would be going to Mrs Venville and all the boys would be going to Mrs Morris. We got changed and put our pants or skirts and jackets or tee shirts over our togs. For morning tea I had the healthiest things in my lunchbox except my sandwiches as those were for lunch.

After morning tea I had to race back to Mrs Venville’s classroom twice because I had forgotten my towel and goggles. We lined up in a very long line and sat down at the pool. My first race was width of freestyle, my second race was a width of backstroke with a floaty board and my third race was of caterpillar or dolphin dive. I chose dolphin dive and I thought that I did pretty well.

At the end of the day I was very tired but I still played cricket after school. 

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  1. You have written a great recount of our Swimming Carnival, Sacha. Fancy still having energy at the end of the day!