Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Millennium Trip by Logan

Millennium Trip

On Thursday 3 April Room14 and Room18 went to the Millennium Centre in Mairangi Bay to learn about water safety.  They were the only classes that went on the trip on that day.

The first activity we did was Team Building where we had to work together to complete the game.  The games we played was to get the hula hoops around the group.

The next activity we did was Snorkeling. We had to swim to the other side of the pool. The other thing that happened was we had to go under the water through hula hoops.

Then we did Kayaking. First we practised paddling for at the end of the kayaking. We also practised capsizing in the kayak. It was awesome!

The last activity we did was Water Safety. We also feel out of the boat backwards. Next we stepped off a wharf.

The best bit about the trip was the kayaking.   



  1. Logan, you wrote your recount with an introduction, events in order and a conclusion. Well done!