Sunday, 13 April 2014

Swimming Sports by Bailey

Swimming Sports
It was a nice clear day for Swimming Sports on Friday 28th February 2014. My group was A4 with my friend Me’a. Swimming Sports was held in our school pool.

We had to get changed very quickly before morning tea. After we got changed we had a quick eat and play. The bell rang. My heart was pounding as I ran back to my classroom. I got my goggles and towel and ran to the courtyard and sat down with Me’a, Mrs Venville called the ‘C’s’ to line up. We walked to the pools. I spotted my mum, Aunty Jess and my brother Max. I gave a wave to them. They waved back. Then it was time for the first race – freestyle and after that backstroke then dolphin dive!

I was exhausted after all those races!

By Bailey Room 14


  1. A great recount, Bailey. I like the way you said my heart was pounding...I felt your excitement.

  2. Great story Bailey - how exciting seeing you up on the blog! I will send a link to our friends and family for them to read your story too. Keep up the good work! Ps Hi Room 14 and Mrs Morris! From Miss Bushill :)