Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Baking with Gran (sunnyhillsprimaryschool.room14@blogger.com)

Baking with Gran

On Saturday in the afternoon Gran and I made oaty biscuits.

Making Dough

First we put flour into a mixing bowl and then we put some oats in. We also put in egg and milk. Gran accidentally put too much oats in so we had to add more milk and flour. We had more dough so we could make a lot of cookies. Gran and I started to roll the mixture into balls.

Baking the Cookies

We put them on to a baking tray. We put on twelve on at a time. Then we pushed a fork on the cookies to flatten them. Next we put them in the oven to bake! We made 6 and a half dozen thats 78 cookies!

Yum Cookies!

I had fun making cookies with Gran they were yummy! I like cookies!

by Tannah Room 14

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  1. I love this lovely long story Tannah. It Is amazing.I also like that you have lots of subtitles that are there. I do think those cookies are yum! From Bailey.

  2. Tannah I like the way you used different colours for your subtitles to make it atractive.