Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bannana Explanation (sunnyhillsprimaryschool.room14@blogger.com)

A Banana Explanation

Bananas are a tropical fruit, They are  yellow coloured. When bananas are rotten they give off a special gas called ethylene(C2H4). A banana’s ethylene speeds up ripening of other fruit. Bananas grow on banana trees. People pick them and the bananas get put into a truck and sometimes get shipped and go to other countries. Then they go on a truck again and go in shops. Ripe bananas can be a nuisance because a whole banana that is rotten could spoil the darn lot in the shipment!!!Banana, Fruit, Food, Yellow,

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  1. I liked that you used the scientific name of ethylene ( C2H4 ) But your Banana is a little bit too big ( LOTS OF INK WASTED ( joke )p