Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My family (sunnyhillsprimaryschool.room14@blogger.com)

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By Bailey Room 14

In my family there are 4 people. I have my brother (Max),my Mum(Sarah),my Dad(Chris) and I. We do lots of things together.

First I will tell you about Max. He`s always getting up to mischief but I love him anyway. He likes Lightning McQueen from cars. His hobby is watching Sponge Bob.He loves it so much that he could watch it all the time.

Green Racing Car (Top View)

Next I will tell you about my Mum. She loves baking. It’s like her hobby.She likes new things but especially loves her kids more than anything else in the world.Muffins in baking tray.jpg

Next I will tell you about my Dad.He loves nearly every type of food and his hobby is...TRAMPING.He would do anything to get time off to go tramping.Tents that use inflatable

Lastly I will tell you about myself.I like doing loom bands for my family.I have already made a 6 metre loom band.I just love loom bands but my family more.File:Rainbow Loom multicolored bands.jpg. No higher resolution available.

That is my family that I love more than anything in the whole wide world.

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  1. I Love this Bailey and yes, I love baking too! Great work, keep it up :)