Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Volcanoes (sunnyhillsprimaryschool.room14@blogger.com)


Volcanos are dangerous things.There are three different types of volcano, an active volcano, an extinct volcano and a sleeping dormant volcano. Scientist called volcanologists study volcanoes when they erupt.

The earth has a crust the deeper you go the hotter it gets. Magna is red hot rock inside the earth’s crust. When the volcano erupts it lets out this stuff called lava. Volcanoes spread a gas and ash into the air.

People have to wear special gear like a helmet, gas mask, boots, heat proof vest, gloves and a heat proof suit when they work in an active volcano.

There are a lot of volcanoes in Auckland. Mt Wellington is a volcano.

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  1. Wow awesome volcano story. It's really good facts because i like the way your facts were intristing.

  2. I love your volcano work it has lots of good information about the earths crust and the dangers things about volcano too

  3. Really like your picture to me'a.

  4. Wow Me'a very interesting! I liked the way you made paragraphs in your story Me'a

  5. Tannah van niekerk7 September 2014 at 21:10

    Wow Me'a very interesting I liked the way you used paragraphs! well done.